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Eco-Friendly Fragrances in Our Quality Air Fresheners

California Scents are driven by a commitment to make a positive impact on the environment. From the corporate office to the production facility, they are focused on providing consumers with high-quality products that have a minimal impact on the environment. These efforts to reduce carbon footprint and reduce energy usage and waste are core values of the company. At California AIR FRESHENER CO. of London, we take pride in importing high-quality eco-friendly fragrances from California Scents.

Reducing Energy Waste

Some of the recent initiatives California Scents have completed to optimize energy usage and minimize waste include:

• The installation of energy-efficient and motion activated lighting in their plant, corporate office, and
   distribution center to lower energy usage.
• Installing ceiling fan units in production facilities and special window films in corporate offices to
   moderate the climate and reduce energy use for heating and air conditioning.
• Boxes and drums are recycled and reused to reduce waste in the production process.

Minimal Impact
California Scents products are designed and developed to have a minimal impact on the environment while providing a high-quality experience for consumers. Some of the key initiatives in this area include:

Can of Air Freshener
• Recyclability–Products are packaged in recyclable materials to reduce waste. Additionally, many products and packages are made
  from recycled materials.
Biodegradability–The fiber pads used in many products, including the core Spillproof™ product, are made from recycled plant
   refuse. This helps California Scents contribute to waste reductions in the production process and allows the pads to degrade
   naturally, reducing waste in the environment.
• Volatile Organic Compounds–Air fresheners are made from organic fragrance oils that are produced within EPA guidelines.
• Non-Aerosol Sprays–The consumer Fragrance Spray, Citrus Spray, and Pet Scents Odor-Neutralizing products are all non-aerosol
   products, which contain no harmful fluorocarbons.
• Organic–California Scents produce and use organic, nontoxic fragrance oils in their products providing the consumer with a safe
   and earth-friendly product.
• Animal Friendly–All California Scents products are produced without animal testing.

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